Neue Schule Bit Fitting Clinic

Florence Wetzel, a bitting specialist from Neue Schule USA, came to visit us at Waltzing Horse Farm November 2 and 3, 2018. Her knowledge and assistance was everything we had hoped for and more. She gave a wonderful lecture with all sorts of information, new to all of us no matter how long one has been involved in horses.

The "clinic" portion of the weekend consisted of 12 horses and their riders, scheduled in sessions up to an hour long. After reviewing training roadblocks and feedback from the rider, Florence was able to sort through her wide variety of beautifully designed Neue Schule bits and swap out the original bit(s) each horse had for a new variety to compare to. Some of the horses and riders tried up to 3 or even 4 bits each until settling on one that gave the most impressive feelings.

The event was originally specifically scheduled to satisfy the need for a curb bit that meets the demanding requirements of one of the stallions on the farm. We found that bit, but even more exciting and totally unexpected was to also find a bradoon to go along with it - one that is 100% to his liking! As a dressage professional, I can say it was a real awakening to experience "just how good it can be" for each horse and rider pair, even when you think you already have the best bridle arrangement figured out.

We are very excited to host another round of bit fitting with Florence in Spring 2019. If you are interested in having this experience for you and your horse, get in touch! Bit purchase is not required, but I can promise your horse will thank you if you do decide to go forward with a purchase after experiencing a better fitting and better conformed bit for your horse and their unique needs!