I know Remington and I have not been at your facility very long, however, I just want to say how VERY much I appreciate the wonderful care you continuously give Remington. He is happy and relaxed and settled in very quickly. Feels so great to see him like that!! Your training that you give to Remington and myself is by far the very best I have ever had!! Your working students Liz and Jill, are just amazingly nice and so very ambitious! I can see every time I am there how very much they enjoy what they are doing and how very much they care about the horses! Everyone that you have at your barn that deals with the horses ie: farrier, is top notch in their knowledge and expertise. You do not cut corners.
I just wanted to let you know this because I seriously never thought in a million years that Remington and I would ever be at a training/riding facility that could be 100% wonderful. I truly did not think it ever would exist – BUT IT DOES!! Thank you so very much!!
— Victoria Robbins
I’ve been riding with Sarah Casey for approximately five years now. With Sarah, I’ve taken many lessons, participated in top class dressage clinics held at her facility as well as traveled to shows where I’ve received her coaching and expertise. Dressage was completely foreign to me. Because of Sarah’s patient, skilled and knowledgeable teachings, I fell in love with dressage. Sarah keeps lessons fun with something always new to work on. She never drills because this is never good for horse or rider. We work together to form a happy team, where the horse and rider are ready for their next task, fresh and willing. Through Sarah I’ve learned many things besides what happens in the saddle. What happens on the ground and even the care of the horse is equally important. My first year showing dressage in 2013 I won the 3rd and 4th place positions in the Top Ten top scores at Dressage at Saratoga. I’ve received several scores in the 70s in training and first level, thanks to Sarah. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to improve their riding (whether you show or not), who wants their horse to receive correct training without any gadgets, tricks or gimmicks. Sarah is one of the few I would trust to leave my horse with and have her train.
— Mary Wust
Moving to Central NY I never thought I would find a trainer the high caliber of Sarah Casey. I have worked with Sarah for 7 years and find her to be an excellent trainer for horse and rider. Although she specializes in dressage training and Lipizzans she has been a godsend for my gaited Icelandic horses. Sarah cares about the welfare and care of every horse in her barn. You can feel assured that your horse is well cared for body and mind.
— Lori Horner
Behind every successful rider, all the interviews tell you, is hard work, hard work, hard work. Sarah Casey is no exception. To hold a conversation with her you have to trot beside her from stall cleaning to schooling grand prix moves and everything nonstop in between.
Sarah’s patient and understanding instruction has finally given a 67 year old student {read lifetime of defensive riding, bad habits, and stiffness} a seat that can {mostly} feel the horse under her and the use of her once missing outside leg. Sarah is helping make my dressage wishes, she could do the same for you.
— Sally Eisele
I have been riding classical dressage for a very long time and have had some excellent trainers, but for the past years have been left to my own devices or guided by some people with pretty bad advice.
Just over a year ago I had the great fortune to meet, watch and finally take lessons from Sarah Casey.
Sarah has an eye for detail and how the rider’s position, posture and overall body affect (or gets in the way of) the movement of the horse.
She is able to reposition my body and correct my mistakes, basically helping me relearn and establish correctness as a rider. Sarah continues to teach me how to correctly execute all the basic movements so they are exact and defined.
Sarah can see things that I know are there and correct them on the spot. She is totally solution based as a teacher and doesn’t guess at what she is doing. Sarah is a total cause and effect teacher where you can feel an instant result. She can give the best analogies that your body can sense and understand as she quietly, accurately talks you through the move.
What is so amazing is when I look at myself riding in the mirror, I honestly can’t believe it is me.
— Pamela Reeve - owner of Highland Farm and the Pamela Reeve Agency, a global Executive Recruitment Company and past Director of Recruitment North America for Ogilvy & Mather.
I have ridden with Sarah for 8 years now. She has helped me to find my confidence as a rider, and gave me a great understanding of horse behavior and mechanics and how to influence both as a rider and handler. She has an amazing ability to connect with her students (people and horses) and bring out the best in them. About 3 years ago I moved to North Carolina, but I travel to New York every year for at least a month to continue my training with Sarah. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah as a trainer! I wish I still lived in NY so I could ride with her everyday!
— Allison Hatton
What can I say...a green horse and an older rider, not the easiest of situations. It could have been a disaster for both of us.
It was by chance that I discovered Sarah. It has been one of the better decisions I have made regarding the welfare of my horse and myself. The care taken regarding my horse’s welfare is as good as if I had her at my home. She really cares! Willow is checked over thoroughly several times per day and she loves it! Before she came here she cribbed; doesn’t do that anymore, and her health (coat, behavior, etc. she is quite the character and Love sponge) has blossomed! She is a very happy horse. Sarah has patience and humor when training my horse from long-lining to where she has progressed to today. Willow can be quite vocally expressive and makes us laugh. She and I have improved so much and continue to improve weekly.

I too have been slowly regaining my riding skills. Sarah’s knowledge and patience has helped me more than she realizes. My confidence has also grown in my horse (did I mention Willow is it like Sarah, patient, and forgiving of my inabilities) .
The long version is I feel so grateful to find a person like Sarah who truly appreciates my horse and myself in our “learning together”.

Did I also mention all the people I have met there? All very supportive and friendly. Very low drama place. We both love it there!
— Kathy Steere
My Connemara stallion, Tricreek Greystone (Riley), was a bit of a puzzle at first.
At 14hh he was rather diminutive, but had a very big ego. He was good at many disciplines but lacked focus.
Fortunately, he was no match for the talented Sarah Casey. Her experience with stallions was a definite plus, and her calm, consistent, positive approach to training has helped him gain that focus in Dressage.
After successfully completing 1st through 3rd Level with many first place ribbons to their credit, 4th Level work is progressing nicely for the 2015 show season.
Riley and Sarah have consistently placed in the top three in the country in the All Breeds Division of the USDF since he started training with her in 2010.
We are happy to have the opportunity to attend the many clinics and symposiums that Sarah has sponsored over the past several years. Here at
Triple Creek Farm, we currently have two horses in training with Sarah and look forward to our continued relationship.
— Mary Lou Thall, President Triple Creek Farms, Inc.
When my parents told me Christmas morning as a young child they had gotten me a horse, I could have never imagined the adventures and opportunities to come of it years down the line. That 18 month old filly called Gypsy, bought from Sarah’s herd, came to be my best friend and first teacher. Not the ideal first horse, she was lucky I was a patient child, and after 8 years of waiting due to her being very strong and too much horse for the petite human I still was, it all became a blessing in disguise. So, in 2015 when I was 16 years old I came back to Sarah ready to begin training, it didn’t take long for me to be at the barn everyday helping, and then quickly became me camping out all summer. Autumn came around and my life forever changed. Sarah had taken me under her wing and into her home, allowing me to finish my senior year online while working in the stable full time. Since then she has helped me accomplish so many of my goals, including being selected and participating in Lendon Gray’s Winter Intensive Training Program, which brought Gypsy and I down to Wellington Florida to train and learn for three months in the winter of 2017. A once in a lifetime experience I had my heart set on since I first heard of it years prior. Unexpectedly returning with a second horse with the help of Lendon and Dressage4kids, Fine Fellow II came into my life, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Sarah has given me so many amazing opportunities, bringing me from a green rider with big hopes and dreams to helping making those dreams a reality. Everything from handling young horses to stallions, starting horse under saddle, participating in clinics with some of the worlds greatest classical masters, and how to run a training facility. I look forward to continuing my education here at WHF, with my two mounts, through the levels, setting new goals for the coming years, and always expanding my knowledge of dressage as I work to be the best rider and trainer for my horses that I can be.
— Jillian La'Rae Romano